Elda Piščanec, ilustracija Polona Lovšin Elda Piščanec, ilustracija Polona Lovšin
22. 9.–25. 10., 10.00–0.00

The Unforgettable

Virtual 3D selling exhibition

The Unforgettable illustration street exhibition is based on the newly released book Nepozabne: ženske, ki so premikale meje našega sveta (The Unforgettable: The Women Pushing the Boundaries of Our World), published by Mladinska knjiga. The portraits of the unforgettable women made by Slovenian artists will also be displayed at the 3D selling gallery of the Vodnik Homestead Ljubljana. The selling exhibition will be accessible via the QR code featured at TAM-TAM poster locations.


3D exhibition design: Maša P. Žmitek, Vodnik Homestead Gallery, Ljubljana; production: Divja Misel Institute/Vodnik Homestead Gallery, Ljubljana; coproduction: City of Women, Mladinska knjiga.