Kim Bode: From Scratch Kim Bode: From Scratch

Kim Bode: From Scratch

2020, distributive installation / social sculpture

From Scratch is a social sculpture that explores happiness and fortune. The concept uses the notion of luck to topple the connection between wealth and precarity. The multi-layered definition of luck simultaneously describes something (in)tangible that can or cannot be affected. The distributive installation invites the exhibition visitors to reconsider the exoticisations and prejudices that are often projected onto the migranticised working class. They are encouraged to take a scratch ticket with them, to allow From Scratch to leave the confined space of the gallery for the city or enter into the private sphere of the ticket holders. By rubbing the scratch-tickets with one’s own fingernails, the viewer can actively examine their own luck or that of others.

Co-produced by the City of Women, Goethe-Institut Ljubljana, District Berlin.


As part of Corneous Stories, Kim Bode will also present the From Scratch: The Fortune Council 2020 art education project.