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Artist talk and lecture
9. 10., 18.00–21.00

Discursive Salon

Free entrance
In English

The video streaming of the event can be followed on the festival website.

The evening begins with an introduction to the Corneous Stories exhibition by the curator Katja Kobolt. At 18.30, it continues with a talk by Milijana Babić and Ana Ajduković on 3rd Shift: The Whole Circle of an Artistic Proces. 

Milijana Babić and Ana Ajduković: 3rd Shift: The Whole Circle of an Artistic Process

The co-authors of the 3rd Shift, an art project presented as a magazine and a billboard, will talk about their experiences within the project from its conception to its realisation, starting from their specific collaboration where theoretical and artistic viewpoints intersected. During a six-months field research, conducted in authentic places for the production of the ''desired'' female look, they gained deeper insight into what was their theoretical starting point: that working on your appearance also represents labour. Apart from the very ambient of ''beauty salons'' where women read glossy magazines while waiting for their treatments, the collected material also directed the work towards a specific intervention in a women's magazine, returning to salons in the artistic form. On the other hand, the collaboration with a woman's magazine disclosed its complex relations to the topic of the artwork. Finally, there was a project within the project, since the artist took over the role of the model for the publication (Gloria Glam insert), receiving many comments related to the transformation of her looks. 


Produced by: City of Women, in the framework of European project BE PART, supported by the Creative Europe Programme. Partners: Goethe-Institut Ljubljana, District Berlin, Škuc Gallery, Academy of Fine Arts and Design – University of Ljubljana. Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport – Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund (ŠIPK student research project “Project Work with the Non-Economic and Non-Profit Sector – Students Innovative Projects for the Benefit of Society 2019/2020”), Ministry of Public Administration, City of Ljubljana, Goethe-Institut Ljubljana.

Foto: Nada Žgank