Zofka Kveder. Ilustracija: Samira Kentrić Zofka Kveder. Ilustracija: Samira Kentrić
4. 10., 17.00–19.00

The Unforgettable: The Women Pushing the Boundaries of Our World

Workshop for bookworms and bookworms-to-be

In Slovenian

The fun art exercises of the workshop will seek to find answers to the following questions: Who are our role models? How can we change the world? Who do we want to be when we grow up?

The workshop is based on The Unforgettable street exhibition and part of the Festivalnice workshop cycle where we chat, create and have fun with people who are directly connected to book-making.

The workshop for children, aged 10 or less, and their parents, will be led by Mojca Čampa and Nika Kovač. No prior application is necessary.


Organisation: Pionirski dom; co-organisation: City of Women; supported by: City of Ljubljana (European Capital of Culture 2025 Candidate City).