Anna Ehrenstein studied photography and media. Her transdisciplinary artistic practice is focused on diverse forms of research, collaboration and mediation. Her work explores the relation between humans and objects in the digital age. Her mother came from Albania to Germany on a working visa, while her father was refused asylum and had to leave. After a trans-European odyssey, he started anew in Tirana. Ehrenstein stayed in Germany with her mother, but effectively grew up across two cultures and two sides of Europe. This biographical peculiarity sparked Anna Ehrenstein’s interest in the necropolitics of migration. Since she had been raised between the two societies, her work reflects on diaspora-related high and low cultures, the social life of things and the historical taxonomies of knowledge. Ehrenstein has been active in the N*A*I*L*S hacks*facts*fictions collaborative platform since 2018.


Workshops for closed high school group
7 - 12. 10.   10.00 – 13.00
Workshop for closed high school group
9. 10.   10.00 – 13.00